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So what is fostering all about?

Fostering provides temporary care to cats who get to live in a home environment vs Petsmart prior to adoption. They get love, socialization, and a warm home to sleep in. Fosters are people who volunteer their time and home to a shelter cat in need. The fostering process, while full of commitment, is one that is bursting full of benefits not only for the shelter pet, but also for you! 

Fostering helps Enfield Community Cat Project because of the consistency that a dedicated caregiver offers in a quiet, low-stress setting.  Fostering provides the cat more opportunities for socialization, exploration, and expressing a wide range of normal behaviors that are difficult to achieve when the animal remains in a shelter environment.

Looking for a more hands on approach to help? How about fostering! As a rescue that depends solely on fosters since we are not a brick and mortar location, we are always looking for caring homes where cats can spend their time prior to being adopted. If you are interested in fostering please reach out to us and we would love to tell you more about our amazing foster program!

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