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ECCP’s Official Stray Cat Policy

We are a foster based organization. We do not have a shelter. Enfield Community Cat Project is a Connecticut not for profit 501(c)(3) organization. We are committed to helping countless numbers of cats/kittens & people through rescue, and education. All of our work is done through donations and our great team of volunteers. Please consider joining us in our ongoing mission.

This is our Stray Cat Policy

Our recommendation to the member of the community that believes they have a stray is below:

  • What to do when you find a stray cat? — Ask around to see if anyone in your neighborhood has indoor/outdoor or barn cats. — Post ads, fliers, social media announcements. Call your local radio station and veterinary clinics. — If you cannot find the cat’s family, put a “stray collar” on the cat if you can. This is a safety collar with a write-on tag, where you can write, “If you know this cat, please call xxx-xxx-xxxx” (insert a number at which you can be reached). — If you don’t get a response in a day or two after putting on the collar, take the cat to a veterinarian or a shelter to have him scanned for a microchip. This service is often free, if that is all you are doing. A microchip will hopefully be connected with current owner information, and you can reunite the cat with his people.

* If you have followed all of these steps, and haven’t found her family, then she needs help. You can bring cat to a shelter/rescue

Once we receive a cat from a Good Samaritan our process is below

  • All stray cats receive the following upon intake:

he animal is bathed and given flea and tick preventative.

If someone should call claiming their animal, in order to receive the animal back into their custody: They need to provide sufficient proof that it is their cat such as past medical records with a description of the animal, and photographs of the animal

Before receiving the cat back the owner must:

  1. Pay all medical expenses.

  2. Pay for boarding costs of $25.00/per day.

If the owner refuses to pay the fees to reimburse ECCP they can then choose to forfeit their rights and give up the animal at which time the animal will become available for adoption.

CT State and City Laws and Ordinances * According to state law if the animal is not claimed after seven days the animal is forfeited and therefore available to be placed in a new home.

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