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4 Reasons Why Rescue Cats Are The Best

When you rescue a cat you're saving it and giving it a second chance. Think, it basically has given up hope cause their previous owner no longer wanted it.

Our lives are all about second chances and there are tons of cats out there waiting for their second chance.

By taking a chance on a kitty from a rescue you are giving hope to a cat that is sure to appreciate you tremendously.

So here are the 4 reasons why rescues are THE BEST:

1. Your kitty will be forever grateful that you rescued them

Life on the streets for any cat is no life. They like peace and quiet, they like the familiarity

of one place to feel comfortable. Know that when you rescue your cat they appreciate you

giving them the best life.

2. By rescuing your cat, they are guaranteed to be spayed or neutered

Before you can walk out the door with your new kitty they are spayed or neutered first to

control the pet population. In the long run that also saves you a lot of money.

3. Rescuing means you are getting an awesome animal

There is a greater chance the animal is at a rescue because of moving or divorce. Doesn't

mean the cat did anything wrong. Most of them are already house trained and used to

living with families which is a huge plus for you. The best part is ECCP is foster based so

they are accustomed to living in a house already.

4. Shelters charge adoption fees — but considering legit pet veterinary costs, they

can often save responsible pet owners some serious money.

In addition to your cat being already spayed/neutered they also get all their shots.

For the $150 ECCP charges to adopt a cat it is a STEAL. Veterinarian costs are not

cheap, one shot can run you $40-50 on average. This gives you MORE MONEY to spoil

your new kitty friend!

Meet Mia! Available for adoption.

Check her out!

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